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Tamim Swaid 15. Mai 2015

Jobs, Dyson und Edison über das Scheitern

Steve Jobs If you are afraid of failing you won’t get any far.   James Dyson There is a myth about inventors that all you need is one idea and you will make your fortune.   Thomas Alva Edison I never allow myself to become discouraged under any circumstances. I recall that after we had […]

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Tobias Jordans 11. Juli 2011

Ideas take the path of least resistence [Zitat]

Ideas take the path of least resistence. And most often the path of least resistence is »oh, here is all the reasons we can’t do that«. So we tend to say »let’s move quickly on this and if we’re wrong we can just torch the whole thing. But if we are right we at least […]

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Tobias Jordans 21. April 2011

Zitat: Don’t try to yell the loudest [Zitat]

So if there is one message I would like to leave you with it is this: If you are a startup, going into a crowded market, don’t try to yell the loudest, try to focus on user experience. Adam Goldstein von Hipmunk im O’Reilly-YouTube-Channel »Web 2.0 Expo SF 2011«.

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Tobias Jordans 7. Dezember 2010

»does the app try to understand what the user is feeling and react accordingly?« [Zitat]

Aarron: Do you consciously consider emotion in your design work? Aral: Definitely. My apps are an extension of my character. I see them as authored works; as a conversation. There is a lot of myself in there and I want to have pleasurable, fun conversations with my users. Most of our industry is still talking […]

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Tobias Jordans 22. September 2010 1 Kommentar

Tappers and Listeners & The Curse of Knowledge

Ein Auszug aus dem Buch »Made to Stick«: In 1990, Elizabeth Newton earned a Ph.D. in psychology at Stanford by studying a simple game in which she assigned people to one of two roles: »tappers« or »listeners.« Tappers received a list of twenty-five well-known songs, such as »Happy Birthday to You« and »The Star-Spangled Banner« […]

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