uxzentrisch zitiert:

Aarron: Do you consciously consider emotion in your design work?

Aral: Definitely. My apps are an extension of my character. I see them as authored works; as a conversation. There is a lot of myself in there and I want to have pleasurable, fun conversations with my users.

Most of our industry is still talking about features this and features that – the age of features is dead, we’re living in the age of user experience; _execution_ is everything.

We should be talking about building empathy into apps – does the app try to understand what the user is feeling and react accordingly?

In Avit, for example, if you have a slow internet connection, the little Manto blob gets ashamed, apologizes, even bursts into tears if it takes to long. Even though the problem isn’t with the app itself (slow Internet connection), the app tries to emphatize with the user. It doesn’t just display an indeterminate progress indicator that is emotionless and uncaring.

Aral Balkan im Interview mit Aarron Walter. Aral ist der Designer und Entwickler der iPhone-Twitter-App »Feathers« im Interview.