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Klickst du hier. Kluge Benutzerführung beim Skype Konkurrenten vox.io

Soeben habe ich mich für vox.io angemeldet. Dem Skype für den Browser. Vox.io steuert über Flash das Mikrofon an. Mit einer einfachen aber geschickten Nutzerführung versucht man die Fehlbedienung, beim Speichern der Audio-Einstellungen in Flash, so gering wie möglich zu halten. Aber auch sonst macht der Dienst einen gut durchdachten Eindruck.

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Tomaz vor 4 Jahren

Thank you for noticing that tiny little detail.

We spent quite some amount of time and user testing around this single point and while it has been tackled many times over and over, we did not find a really great implementation.

There are a few tricks used to detect the Flash states and if anyone is interested how we achieved this just ping us team [at] vox.io.

Tobias Jordans uxzentrisch vor 4 Jahren

I really like how this helps the user to focus his attention!

A completly different thing is the Flash-UI itself. I cannot believe Adobe did not improve this dialogue. It has been in this crude way for how long? 4 years? – Luckily we don’t have to deal with flash too much anymore in the future…

Tamim Swaid vor 4 Jahren

Hi Tomaz,

First of all. Kudos to the very nice implementation and thanks for visiting us.

How about a little blog post about it. I‹m sure it would get attention in the UX scene.

Tomaz vor 4 Jahren

Hi Tamim,

we might write a blog post about it along with a few other UX candies we are preparing for the next versions of vox.io.

Meanwhile our approach to the mobile solution might be an interesting read for the UX community – http://blog.vox.io/post/15250237357/vox-io-for-iphone

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